The Educator’s Guide

As the educators who guide, develop and inspire these young leaders, you know better than anyone the challenges and opportunities in this important space.

 The Educators Guide is an extension of the book, providing you with over twenty ready to run leadership sessions and classes, catering to different styles, to assist you in leadership training. While each session is independent, the methodology is consistent including exercises around reviewing, reflecting and revealing/internalising the material. 

Other tips and advice is included based on the research, such as how to best work with teens.
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1. Introduction
2. Your Jewish Leadership Story
3. Leading and Role Modelling
4. Your Moral Compass in Leadership
5. Leadership by Design
6. Leadership and Time Management
7. Leadership Stress, Anxiety and Self-Care
8. Grit and Resilience to Keep Leading
9. Better Decision-Making
10. The Power of Empathy
11. The Lost Art of Listening
12. Working with Adults
13. How to Have That Difficult Conversation
14. Tikkun Olam
15. Turning Problems into Possibilities
16. Responsibility and Technology
17. Taking the Lead Against Anti-Semitism
18. Relationship with Israel
19. Inclusion and Diversity
20. The Jewish Youth Pledge
21. First Principles of Working with Teens
22. Biblical Context for Youth