Animation Shorts

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These animated shorts share a powerful idea in less than one minute to stimulate thought or discussion on a range of relevant topics.

These animations offer an alternate way to learn, picture, unpack and internalize leadership ideas and practical skills.

Leading on Time

Tips on how to balance tasks effectively, saying no to some things, so you can say a bigger yes to what matters most. See chapter 10 in the book

Leading and Welcoming

Four simple and practical steps for leaders in welcoming others. See chapter 16 in the book.

Leading with Kindness

A thought on how great leaders practise kindness through actively noticing the needs of others and engaging. See chapter 17 in the book.

Language of Leadership

A thought on the power of words and how those of effective leaders can matter more. See chapters 20 and 21 in the book.

Fundraising Hacks for Leaders

Practical steps towards turning ‘expensive’ dreams and the intimidating thought of fundraising into an exciting reality. See chapter 29 in the book.

Taking the lead against hate

Tackling antisemitism head on and combatting it with Jewish pride. See chapter 40 in the book.

Leading for Israel

The three R’s for Jewish leaders to consider when talking about Israel. See chapter 41 in the book.

Jewish Youth Pledge

The Jewish Youth Pledge invites Jewish teens and young adults around the globe to commit to being active, contributing members of the Jewish community throughout their lives.