Masterclasses showcase personal approaches and advice on a range of leadership topics.

Master classes are short videos showcasing Dr. Erica Brown’s personal approaches to a range of topics on leadership. More from Rabbi Benji to come….

These videos can be utilized as supporting material for a wide range of leadership training initiatives or viewed independently. The master classes provide profound ideas and practical tips to elevate leadership skills immediately.

What is Jewish teen leadership

Defining leadership and what makes it Jewish, Dr. Erica Brown shows how it is more than just someone who has followers.

Public speaking tips

A consummate public speaker, Dr. Erica Brown shares her personal experiences of how she overcame her fears and offers eight practical tips for effectively, meaningfully and confidently addressing others.

Decision making

“Great leadership happens one decision at a time.” Through offering techniques such as the, ‘10-10-10 Rule,’ Dr. Erica Brown shares how to approach the challenges of making good decisions and being a good decision maker.

How to have a difficult conversation

Dr. Erica Brown uses a personal analogy to share how healthy conflict and debate allow for greater growth. Through asking the question, “How do you grow someone safely?” She shares Susan Scott’s formula of how to manage conflict as an effective leader.